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Congratulations on advanced testing

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25 Jan

Congratulations on advanced testing

Shun Shifu Kimball Jan 25, 2016 2 2250

We would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who tested and received new rank over the weekend.

This weekend we traveled to Yuma AZ, to train and spend time building the personal connections in our company. This weekend was a huge success in every way possible….. In my opinion the new ranks were just icing on the cake.

Shun Shifu Moore, Shun Shifu Doyl, Shun Shifu Byrd, and myself were in the crane group. Shi gung Fatusi, Booey, Vargas, and Potts were in the mantis group. Both groups went through brutal training and evaluations that lasted two full days. Both days were packed full of training that pushed us to the limit in physical, mental, and emotional levels.

This training brought us together as a team….Strong and united through the leadership of Jung Moon ( Al Moore ). The personal connections made during this weekend is why this company is the most amazing martial arts community in the industry.

The new ranks include:

  1. Shi Gung Booey 6th degree
  2. Shi Gung Potts 6th degree
  3. Shi Gung Fatusi 5th degree
  4. Shun Shifu Byrd 4th degree
  5. Shun Shifu Doyl 4th degree
  6. Shun Shifu Kimball 4th degree
  7. Shun Shifu Moore 1st degree

While these new ranks are amazing….. I believe the most amazing part of this experience is the bond that was created through the intense training. A bond that will carry this martial arts community through any obstacle the future may bring.

Bryce Kimball


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