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Kid’s Confidence Workshop

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29 Jan

Kid’s Confidence Workshop

Shun Shifu Kimball Jan 29, 2016 0 2272


I’ve been teaching children full time for years now and I’ve had the honor of meeting people from all walks of life. During my internship through now I’ve seen thousands of families who have all found great benefits in martial arts.

During this time and the thousands of families I’ve met…..Guess how many actually needed their child to learn how to fight? Two, and one of those two just happened to be me. ( My bully story will have to wait for a different blog post.) I know what you must be thinking, two…..Now way!

The main reason behind the phone calls, messages, and questions I receive boil down to one thing, SELF-ESTEEM. Low self-esteem is the root of most difficulties that children face. This epidemic has led me down the path of teaching¬†character development¬†and specializing in children’s martial arts.

I’d like to extend an invitation to our local community for a FREE kid’s confidence workshop, Saturday Feb. 6th. Join us for a martial arts class that’s centered on building confidence.

  • Ages 4-7 10:00 am
  • Ages 8- 13 11:30 am

This is an open event and we welcome everyone to join! Free martial arts patches will be given to the first 40 children who attend this workshop.


Mr. Kimball