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New Levels of Confidence

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Kid's Confidence Workshop
7 Feb

New Levels of Confidence

Shun Shifu Kimball Feb 7, 2016 0 2526

The kids confidence workshop was a blast!!!! Everyone who participated had amazing growth in their confidence.

Thank you to everyone who helped teach, set up refreshments, and wake up early on a Saturday (parents, you’re all fantastic for being good sports).

I’d like to congratulate everyone who became full time members at our martial arts school today. I’m really excited to see all of you earn your white belts in class next week.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to listen to my bully story…. Yes, I wasn’t born a black belt (contrary to popular belief). Today I witnessed more confidence than I ever had when I was young. Mrs. Kimball and I can’t wait to see all the great things you’ll do with the new levels of self-esteem.

Mr. & Mrs. Kimball