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Health and wellness
5 Apr

Quick health tip

by Shun Shifu Kimball Apr 5, 2016 0 Blog, Community

I’ve been having a lot of conversations about health and wellness goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply trying to lead a healthier lifestyle…. This tip is for you.

Health isn’t about being or eating perfect….. It’s about putting in more good than bad. It’s that simple!

There are many ways to apply this (we don’t want to be one dimensional).

1. Body: Fuel and fitness

2. Spirit: Your connection with something greater than yourself.

3. Relationships: These need to be fed and nurtured just like our bodies.

4. Mind: Your education needs to be constant.

I’ll go into these topics in more detail on a later post…. For now, try to feed these four areas something positive every day.

Build Your ” Health and wellness savings account”, I guarantee you’ll start to see amazing things start to happen for you and you’re family.

Have a great day!

Mr. Kimball

P.S. Our mission at Moore’s Karate 9th Street it to help families grow happier and healthier through martial arts. One way for families to stay connected longer, is to live longer through a healthy lifestyle.


20 Mar

Change “I can’t” into “How can I do this better”

by Shun Shifu Kimball Mar 20, 2016 0 Affirmations, Blog, Community, Modesto

Hey everyone, I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day. I wanted to share this affirmation with you.

Negative self-talk is something I struggled with when I was a kid. Martial arts as well as some great coaching helped me change my mindset. IT WAS LIFE CHANGING.

Changing “I can’t” into “how can I do this better” can seriously change how we overcome obstacles.

Here’s your challenge: Try this for one week at home, work, school, and with friends.


Mr. Kimball

Moore's Karate 9th Street
18 Mar

4 Tips on becoming a Karate parent coach

by Shun Shifu Kimball Mar 18, 2016 0 Blog, Community, Modesto ,

Hey everyone!
Here’s a followup from the video posted earlier this week. I got a ton of feedback from parents about joining the action. I wanted to offer some encouragement to everyone who is thinking about getting on the mat. You don’t have to be a black belt to get out there and hold bags, motivate, encourage, and have a BLAST.

Here’s a few tips on becoming an active karate parent coach:

1. HAVE FUN – Martial arts is fun, and children learn very fast through fun.

2. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF- Black belts aren’t made in a day. This stuff is difficult! One correction at a time over a few months or years is a great recipe for steady improvement.

3. TAKE CLASSES – Most of you know a ton from watching classes all these years. Try getting out there during the adult classes and testing out what you’ve seen in class (the adults have tons of fun!)

4. JUST DO IT – As Nike says ” just do it”. ( Sometime soon I’ll go into the three main reasons why adults don’t get out on the mat.)

5. KARATE IS MORE THAN KICKING AND PUNCHING (I know I said 4, but this is great stuff) – Kicking, punching, moves, and kata, are the easiest part of martial arts! Effort, determination, dedication, focus, and self-improvement…. This is the essence of martial arts. This is what we are really after.

Spoiler alert
The three main things that hold adults back;

1. Fear of injury
2. Fear of embarrassment
3. Preconceived notions

Mr. Kimball

9 Mar

Can Adults do Martial Arts too?

by Shun Shifu Kimball Mar 9, 2016 0 Blog, Community, Modesto

I know what your thinking….. Iv’e been watching my kids do karate for months now and it looks like so much fun! Here’s another one of my favorites…. Iv’e always wanted to do martial arts but I never had the chance so….. I’d like to enroll my child.

So what’s holding you back? Really what is it?

Iv’e actually been getting a ton of questions revolving around this topic. Keep in mind these are all very valid concerns (these questions do bring a smile to my face when I think about them).

(Q) Hey Shifu, can adults do martial arts too?

(A)  Absolutely, the can have just as much or even more fun as the kids. Plus hitting stuff feels amazing after a very long day!

(Q) Hey Shifu, do I have to wear that uniform if I take classes?

(A) Not at all (said with a big smile), adults practice in casual clothes…. I smile because I wear my favorite Gi pants and a polo shirt every day, not a full traditional uniform.

(Q) Hey Shifu (I get most of these questions as I walk through the lobby greeting families), if I miss a class to I have to make it up before I get my stripe?

(A) No, the adults train at their own pace. There’s more than a few adults who don’t even wear belts.

(Q) Hey Shifu, This  looks like so much fun but don’t you think I’d get hurt doing this?

(A) Not at all, martial arts is meant to preserve your life not take away from it. Yes, it’s physical but we can modify any activity to fit your needs.

(Q) Hey Shifu, do I really have to scream and yell like the kids do?

(A) No (Again with a big smile because this question came from the parent who grew up in the Van Damn era), you will learn how to breath properly but it doesn’t sound anything like the movies.

Martial arts for adult is fantastic for so many reasons and I encourage everyone to try it at least once. It’s a great way to spend time with your family, relieve stress, reach goals, and have some “ME” time. Imagine a place where  you can go and forget about the world for a few hours a week and have FUN!

So if you don’t want to feel AMAZING, lose weight, make new friends, do something new and exciting, and hit stuff……. Martial arts might not be for you (obviously I’m poking fun now)!

P.S. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for showing interest in our martial art programs!!! We’re very excited to see everyone on the mat!

To take a look at our adult special offer click here!

To take a look at our kid’s special offer click here!

Mr. Kimball

Best Tournament ever
28 Feb

Sparring Tournament Congratulations

by Shun Shifu Kimball Feb 28, 2016 0 Blog, Child safety, Community, Event, Modesto

A very big congratulations to everyone who participated in today’s competition. Everyone did great (a special congratulations to all the bronze and silver medals…. you all have the chance for tremendous growth!)

A fantastic display of courage, confidence, and heart.
We’re proud of all the effort you all put in to get here.We’re very excited to see what this next year of hard work and effort is going to do for you.

P.s. if you have any pictures please post them and tag our business page: Moore’s Karate 9th St Modesto

Kid's Confidence Workshop
7 Feb

New Levels of Confidence

by Shun Shifu Kimball Feb 7, 2016 0 Blog, Child safety, Community, Event, Modesto , ,

The kids confidence workshop was a blast!!!! Everyone who participated had amazing growth in their confidence.

Thank you to everyone who helped teach, set up refreshments, and wake up early on a Saturday (parents, you’re all fantastic for being good sports).

I’d like to congratulate everyone who became full time members at our martial arts school today. I’m really excited to see all of you earn your white belts in class next week.

P.S. I really appreciate everyone’s willingness to listen to my bully story…. Yes, I wasn’t born a black belt (contrary to popular belief). Today I witnessed more confidence than I ever had when I was young. Mrs. Kimball and I can’t wait to see all the great things you’ll do with the new levels of self-esteem.

Mr. & Mrs. Kimball

29 Jan

Kid’s Confidence Workshop

by Shun Shifu Kimball Jan 29, 2016 0 Blog, Child safety, Event , , ,


I’ve been teaching children full time for years now and I’ve had the honor of meeting people from all walks of life. During my internship through now I’ve seen thousands of families who have all found great benefits in martial arts.

During this time and the thousands of families I’ve met…..Guess how many actually needed their child to learn how to fight? Two, and one of those two just happened to be me. ( My bully story will have to wait for a different blog post.) I know what you must be thinking, two…..Now way!

The main reason behind the phone calls, messages, and questions I receive boil down to one thing, SELF-ESTEEM. Low self-esteem is the root of most difficulties that children face. This epidemic has led me down the path of teaching character development and specializing in children’s martial arts.

I’d like to extend an invitation to our local community for a FREE kid’s confidence workshop, Saturday Feb. 6th. Join us for a martial arts class that’s centered on building confidence.

  • Ages 4-7 10:00 am
  • Ages 8- 13 11:30 am

This is an open event and we welcome everyone to join! Free martial arts patches will be given to the first 40 children who attend this workshop.


Mr. Kimball


25 Jan

Congratulations on advanced testing

by Shun Shifu Kimball Jan 25, 2016 2 Blog, Event ,

We would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who tested and received new rank over the weekend.

This weekend we traveled to Yuma AZ, to train and spend time building the personal connections in our company. This weekend was a huge success in every way possible….. In my opinion the new ranks were just icing on the cake.

Shun Shifu Moore, Shun Shifu Doyl, Shun Shifu Byrd, and myself were in the crane group. Shi gung Fatusi, Booey, Vargas, and Potts were in the mantis group. Both groups went through brutal training and evaluations that lasted two full days. Both days were packed full of training that pushed us to the limit in physical, mental, and emotional levels.

This training brought us together as a team….Strong and united through the leadership of Jung Moon ( Al Moore ). The personal connections made during this weekend is why this company is the most amazing martial arts community in the industry.

The new ranks include:

  1. Shi Gung Booey 6th degree
  2. Shi Gung Potts 6th degree
  3. Shi Gung Fatusi 5th degree
  4. Shun Shifu Byrd 4th degree
  5. Shun Shifu Doyl 4th degree
  6. Shun Shifu Kimball 4th degree
  7. Shun Shifu Moore 1st degree

While these new ranks are amazing….. I believe the most amazing part of this experience is the bond that was created through the intense training. A bond that will carry this martial arts community through any obstacle the future may bring.

Bryce Kimball

16 Jan

Tips on making a great “kata”

by Shun Shifu Kimball Jan 16, 2016 0 Blog

Tips for having a great “kata”….

1. Memorize the sequence: The sequence is the basic foundation of your kata… When in the memorization phase use as little skill as possible to enhance retention of the sequence.

2. Skill building: Once you reach the point where you no longer have to talk yourself through your kata…. It’s time to add new layers of skill.

3. Presentation: This is the final and most advanced part of your kata. This is where “art” meets “martial arts”….. This is where you can add personality to a set ( I’d like to refer you to Shi Gung King and his performance of the hand set at karate camp).

P.S. Do you know what the finished presentation of your current kata is?

Mr. Kimball

10 Jan


by Shun Shifu Kimball Jan 10, 2016 0 Blog, Event

Last Friday we held a belt examination for the children who put in extra work over the holidays. All the hard work paid off in full as over ten children earned their next ranks in martial arts. So…… CONGRATULATIONS everyone!!!!!

Among the new ranks were quite a few who were awarded for perfect attendance in school, honor roll, and above satisfactory grades. I would also like to send these children a special CONGRATULATIONS!!!

A special thank you to the Leadership team for helping with the testing….GREAT JOB!!! A special thank you to all of the parents who helped cheer and motivate from the side lines!


Congratulations, great job, and thank you!

Mr. Kimball