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24 Dec

Full family program

by Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 24, 2015 0 Blog, Event

Full family program

We are very excited to announce the launch of our full family martial arts program. A special thank you to everyone who has helped our programs become successful (without you this program wouldn’t be possible).

The full family program is A fantastic chance for parents to join the action. When you sign up two children in our martial arts classes, parents train for free. Before I get more into that….. I’d like to tell you A little more about the adult classes. There are A few different programs available to adults:

  1.   Women’s Fitness self-defense
  2.  Adult practical self-defense
  3. Traditional Shou Shu
  • Women’s self-defense is A non-traditional group program (no uniforms, loud karate yelling, completely informal). This program is great for dropping pounds, feeling confident, healthy, and learning real life self-defense.
  • Adult practical self-defense is A non-traditional group program ( co-ed). This program focuses on building speed and power through bag drills, stress reduction, confidence with partner drills.
  • Traditional Shou Shu is A program for the serious martial artist. This program is focused on belt advancement, katas, formalities ( uniforms, bows, sequences ).  In this program you will attain the coveted black belt and learn to master the seven animals of Shou Shu.

Back to the main topic… The full family program, this program is available to all students.  You can join this program by signing up two children in any of our specialized self-esteem through martial arts programs.  Really…. That’s all it takes!

I know what your thinking…. Probably the same thing as all parents:

  • I don’t have time
  • What if I get hurt
  • What if I get embarrassed
  • I already know how to defend myself
  • I don’t want to wear those funny pajamas
  • I don’t want to yell and scream like those guys on T.V

Did I miss anything? I assure you, there’s a program that fits your needs!

Here’s some of the benifits of these programs:

  • Stress reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Fantastic family activity
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Real applicable self-defense

I’d love to answer any question you have, contact me any time.



24 Dec

Merry Christmas

by Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 24, 2015 0 Blog ,

Merry Christmas

Mrs. Shifu Kimball and I would like to wish everyone Merry Christmas and thank you all for a fantastic year. Thank you to everyone who chose martial arts as their family activity…..  We’ve seen so much growth in the students this year. Our community is more confident than ever!

Next year is going to be amazing and we are very excited to see everyone’s achievements. New levels of self-esteem, success, and academic excellence in our children. New heights of health, fitness, self-defense in our adults.

Merry Christmas and happy New year from everyone on our leadership team!

13 Dec

Holiday safety tips

by Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 13, 2015 0 Blog, Child safety

Today my wife and I had A fantastic conversation about tips to stay safe during the holidays… We thought these tips would be helpful to all of the families in our community (especially moms). I’d also like to say, these are just tips! I highly recommend taking self-defense classes to train yourself on how to react under stress: www.bethebeast.net/karate-boot-camp/

When you’re out shopping and spending time with the family this holiday remember to be aware of your surroundings…. what does this mean? Being aware is being able to spot and identify behavior and movement patterns that predators use.

Here are A few tips to increase your safety:

  1. Park in areas with natural surveillance, look for cameras and park in the direct line of site.
  2. Park near high traffic areas of parking garages. Sometimes it may be A longer walk…. but, entry ways can deter predators.
  3. If you carry valuables in your car make sure to place them in the trunk before you leave your house.
  4. Use the buddy system! Bring friends, this may not be foolproof…. An extra set of eyes, ears, vocal cords, and hands to dial the police is very helpful.
  5.  Most muggings happen to fuel drug habits, give them your purse or wallet!  Statistically 90% or more of muggings happen for this reason and it pays to know…. Educate yourself by taking classes.

In my opinion, educating yourself is the most important tip! We often have the mindset that nothing bad is going to happen to us…. bad things only happen to other people. Until….. That person is you.

Everyone on our leadership team wishes you A safe and wonderful holiday!


5 Dec

Child safety

by Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 5, 2015 1 Blog, Child safety ,

Safety Education Helps Keep Kids Safe

Educators who proactively start personal safety education in Grades PreK-2 are helping to ensure that their students come to school prepared to learn, without the challenges often associated with exploitation that are detrimental to a child’s education. Children who learn to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, and whose parents support such education, are much less likely to be bullied or otherwise abused.

 Child lures, child safety program

 We believe character building through martial arts is the back bone in preventing abuse and bullying. When we build the moral fiber of our kids it gives them the fuel they need to know when they are being mistreated. Knowing that you’re being mistreated is the very first step to being able to stand up for yourself.

How many of us have let this line get A little grey? As adults we might be overlooking A very important piece to this puzzle…. Do we tend to justify people crossing this line? I know I have!

Martial arts is one of the many tools in our arsenal as parents. Every class we take is a small victory in giving our kids the best chance at overcoming abuse of any kind.


25 Nov

Leadership team update

by Shun Shifu Kimball Nov 25, 2015 1 Blog ,

The highlighted team member for this month is Mr. Florez. Mr. Florez has achieved his first level of black belt in September 2015. Through hard work, determination, perseverance, and dedication he has made leaps and bounds in the years at Moore’s Karate 9th street.

We would like to give him a big congratulations, as well as a thank you for all his hard work! Always giving 110%, being a roll model, hard worker, and fantastic teacher is his martial arts way.

21 Nov

Shou Shu Secret Santa

by Shun Shifu Kimball Nov 21, 2015 0 Blog, Event

Join us this year for our Secret Santa party, Tuesday December 22nd. We are very excited to spend our holidays with our karate community! All you need to do is register your name at our school to receive your Secret partner.  This year there will be local charities in the list of names.

This holiday season we’ll also be collecting and donating toys to local foundations in our community.  If you, or anyone you know has toys to donate please bring them by the school.  All families who donate toys will receive two karate lessons and a chance to earn their first martial arts belt.

Thank you from the Moore’s Karate leadership team!