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Please Allow us to introduce ourselves, We are Mr. & Mrs. Kimball, the instructors at Moore’s Karate 9th Street Modesto.

Teaching our community all of the amazing benefits of martial arts is our passion in life. As parents we understand the importance of having a safe and nurturing environment for our family.



Shun Shifu Bryce Kimball

Shun Shifu Kimball of Moore's Karate 9th Street Modesto

Shun Shifu Bryce Kimball

Shun Shifu (Lead instructor) of Moore’s Karate 9th Street


Shun Shifu Kimball specializes in character development and Building moral fiber through martial arts training. With over 15 years of experience in the martial arts his main focus is building the community with a new generation of confident and strong leaders.

A note from our instructor:

I’ve been teaching children full time for years now and I’ve had the honor of meeting people from all walks of life. During my internship through now I’ve seen thousands of families who have all found great benefits in martial arts.

During this time and the thousands of families I’ve met…..Guess how many actually needed their child to learn how to fight? Two, and one of those two just happened to be me. ( My bully story will have to wait for a different time.) I know what you must be thinking, two…..Now way!

The main reason behind the phone calls, messages, and questions I receive boil down to one thing, SELF-ESTEEM. Low self-esteem is the root of most difficulties that children face. This epidemic has led me down the path of teaching character development and specializing in children’s martial arts.

Shun Shifu Norway Kimball

Shun Shifu Norway Kimball

Shifu Norway Kimball

Shifu (Black Belt Instructor) at Moore’s Karate 9th Street Modesto

Norway is a third degree black belt in Shou Shu, mother, and wife. Her passion is teaching women and children self defense skills. Showing all the moms in our community that they are capable and strong. One of her favorite sayings is ” Moms can kick butt too “.