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A new and exciting way to feel amazing.Martial arts is proven to deliver great results fast. Get in the best shape of your life, Develop strong self-defense techniques, Gain unshakable self-confidence and focus. Call 209-524-1334 today for your FREE lesson!

No uniforms.... No belts.... No yelling like the movies....

A great NEW way to have fun and feel amazing. Exciting classes with great people to keep you energized and motivated. This isn't the same old boring workout day and day out..... The challenge of Martial Arts will keep you on your toes as you reach new levels of physical strength.

Guaranteed to help you feel healthier FAST! Lose weight and have higher energy levels all day long. Martial arts is a one of a kind full body workout that constantly burns calories and enhances endurance.


You knew you wanted to feel great... You did't know hitting bags would be this much fun! This means STRESS RELIEF!!! Martial arts is one of the most powerful stress relievers out there. When you combine exercise with high levels of fun then add hitting stuff.... You have a fantastic recipe for a low stress lifestyle.

feeling great

Why us? We are so confident in our classes and how much fun you'll be having, we offer a no obligation trial. If you aren't feeling fantastic and having the time of your life....No problem, you still have a great pair of knuckle wraps to keep.

martial arts for women

Still not convinced? We'll also show you how you can save over $100 on any full time membership by signing up on the first day. We'll also give you a 30 day risk free guarantee on any full time membership. No questions asked, you can cancel any time during the first month.

Women's martial arts

3 Classes + 1 Introductory Lesson + FREE knuckle wraps....For only $29 (Regular $69) when you call 209-524-1334 or register below TODAY!


Morgan B.

"I've been going to Moore's Karate on 9th street since February of 2010 and I still attend. I have learned so much and made friends with great people. I have found it to be a great martial art system. I am very confident in the self-defense techniques I have learned and I recommend it to all who are looking to learn to defend themselves, get in shape or plain want a hobby."

Paige Y.

"It's taught me confidence, strength, and to feel good about myself. It's a big confidence builder!"

Cecily B.

" Thank you Moore's on 9th, I love the drive and the atmosphere. You've got a really positive community. I'm in!"

A note from Mr. & Mrs. Kimball

The mission of our martial arts school is to help families connect and grow together. Grow happier and healthier together through the community, accomplishments, and martial arts training. Everyone at Moore's Karate 9th Street shares the same values, goals, positive attitudes, and drive. Join us we all push each other to reach our true potential.

Healthier happy family