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Become the Mongoose

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Be the Beast: Mongoose Moore's Karate 9th Street Modesto
14 Oct

Become the Mongoose

Moore's Karate 9th Street Modesto Oct 14, 2015 1 3550

The mongoose is the master of trickery. The mongoose has fast agile motions which allows it to be where the opponent thinks it is not. The mongoose’s unique ability to create power from awkward positions makes it comfortable in any position. Being comfortable whether upright, over center, falling, rolling over it’s opponent, or even standing on unstable ground (it’s  opponent) makes the mongoose the most versatile of the fighting animals.

In nature, the mongoose will taunt the snake. The mongoose will position itself right underneath and within striking distance of the snake. The mongoose does this because its skill is at evading and counter striking. The mongoose wants the snake to stretch out and become weak. The mongoose knows that it can evade the strike thereby leaving the snake in a weakened and overextended position whereby the mongoose can counterstrike and stretch the snake further. Once in control the mongoose will never again allow the snake to coil. The mongoose will keep the opponent in a stretched and weakened position, rendering them harmless.

A Mongoose shifu will do the same. Their strength is in the counter attack. They can quickly retreat to the edge of the opponents striking distance and counterattack with a ferocity of no other. They can evade while simultaneously attacking. They do not use the strength of the tiger but create their power through completely different methods. Their creates their power through positioning. They can quickly get their body into a position of strength rather than using muscular strength. They position themselves, in a method we call “posting”, so that they can take full advantage of leverage. Thereby alleviating the need for physical strength.

This advantage teaches those of small stature to use their body size as an advantage. Rather than trying to fight the larger opponent head on, they learn to fight him where he is weak. Size and strength are unnecessary when fighting in the way of the mongoose.


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