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What is Shou Shu?

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What is Shou Shu?
14 Oct

What is Shou Shu?

Moore's Karate 9th Street Modesto Oct 14, 2015 0 1607

A true system of pure self defense, Shou Shu is a martial art that is an extremely efficient fighting system based on the fighting styles of 7 beasts.

Briefly, Shou’ shu’ can be explained by it’s literal translation, “Beast Knowledge”. It utilizes the fighting motions of Seven fighting animals. While this may seem odd or unimportant to someone who has never studied this wondrous art, it is extremely effective. Each of the seven animals specializes in a specific type of motion. Each utilizes the laws of physics to create immense power but in completely different ways.

Shou’ Shu’ is the combination of these animal motions. This is one of it’s trademarks. Each animal in itself constitutes a complete martial art. However, individually they are not Shou’ Shu’. They would be known by their individual beast names. Although each fighting system is extremely fast and efficient, it is guided by a strict set of principles. Abiding by a strict set of principles is limiting. For this reason the beasts are seamlessly combined. A Shou’ Shu’ fighter never really fights within the constraints of one animal. They do not choose which one they will use as is popularized in the Kung Fu movies. They are trained from the beginning to utilize the strengths of all.

Shou’ Shu’ Kung Fu works for all people. It’s principles do not rely on size or strength. A small woman can learn to generate more power than a man of great strength who does have Shou’ Shu’ training. Obviously size and strength are part of the equation but skill can make up for large differences in size and strength.

From the very first day, the student of Shou’ Shu’ Kung Fu is taught how to use body alignment and energy to produce power. It almost seems magical to the new student. It is an amazing art. We have yet to find anything like it.


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