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Child safety

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Child safety

Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 5, 2015 1 1068

Safety Education Helps Keep Kids Safe

Educators who proactively start personal safety education in Grades PreK-2 are helping to ensure that their students come to school prepared to learn, without the challenges often associated with exploitation that are detrimental to a child’s education. Children who learn to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior, and whose parents support such education, are much less likely to be bullied or otherwise abused.

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 We believe character building through martial arts is the back bone in preventing abuse and bullying. When we build the moral fiber of our kids it gives them the fuel they need to know when they are being mistreated. Knowing that you’re being mistreated is the very first step to being able to stand up for yourself.

How many of us have let this line get A little grey? As adults we might be overlooking A very important piece to this puzzle…. Do we tend to justify people crossing this line? I know I have!

Martial arts is one of the many tools in our arsenal as parents. Every class we take is a small victory in giving our kids the best chance at overcoming abuse of any kind.



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