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Holiday safety tips

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13 Dec

Holiday safety tips

Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 13, 2015 0 1262

Today my wife and I had A fantastic conversation about tips to stay safe during the holidays… We thought these tips would be helpful to all of the families in our community (especially moms). I’d also like to say, these are just tips! I highly recommend taking self-defense classes to train yourself on how to react under stress: www.bethebeast.net/karate-boot-camp/

When you’re out shopping and spending time with the family this holiday remember to be aware of your surroundings…. what does this mean? Being aware is being able to spot and identify behavior and movement patterns that predators use.

Here are A few tips to increase your safety:

  1. Park in areas with natural surveillance, look for cameras and park in the direct line of site.
  2. Park near high traffic areas of parking garages. Sometimes it may be A longer walk…. but, entry ways can deter predators.
  3. If you carry valuables in your car make sure to place them in the trunk before you leave your house.
  4. Use the buddy system! Bring friends, this may not be foolproof…. An extra set of eyes, ears, vocal cords, and hands to dial the police is very helpful.
  5. ¬†Most muggings happen to fuel drug habits, give them your purse or wallet! ¬†Statistically 90% or more of muggings happen for this reason and it pays to know…. Educate yourself by taking classes.

In my opinion, educating yourself is the most important tip! We often have the mindset that nothing bad is going to happen to us…. bad things only happen to other people. Until….. That person is you.

Everyone on our leadership team wishes you A safe and wonderful holiday!



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