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Full family program

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Full family program

Shun Shifu Kimball Dec 24, 2015 0 1227

Full family program

We are very excited to announce the launch of our full family martial arts program. A special thank you to everyone who has helped our programs become successful (without you this program wouldn’t be possible).

The full family program is A fantastic chance for parents to join the action. When you sign up two children in our martial arts classes, parents train for free. Before I get more into that….. I’d like to tell you A little more about the adult classes. There are A few different programs available to adults:

  1.   Women’s Fitness self-defense
  2.  Adult practical self-defense
  3. Traditional Shou Shu
  • Women’s self-defense is A non-traditional group program (no uniforms, loud karate yelling, completely informal). This program is great for dropping pounds, feeling confident, healthy, and learning real life self-defense.
  • Adult practical self-defense is A non-traditional group program ( co-ed). This program focuses on building speed and power through bag drills, stress reduction, confidence with partner drills.
  • Traditional Shou Shu is A program for the serious martial artist. This program is focused on belt advancement, katas, formalities ( uniforms, bows, sequences ).  In this program you will attain the coveted black belt and learn to master the seven animals of Shou Shu.

Back to the main topic… The full family program, this program is available to all students.  You can join this program by signing up two children in any of our specialized self-esteem through martial arts programs.  Really…. That’s all it takes!

I know what your thinking…. Probably the same thing as all parents:

  • I don’t have time
  • What if I get hurt
  • What if I get embarrassed
  • I already know how to defend myself
  • I don’t want to wear those funny pajamas
  • I don’t want to yell and scream like those guys on T.V

Did I miss anything? I assure you, there’s a program that fits your needs!

Here’s some of the benifits of these programs:

  • Stress reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Fantastic family activity
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Real applicable self-defense

I’d love to answer any question you have, contact me any time.




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