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4 Tips on becoming a Karate parent coach

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18 Mar

4 Tips on becoming a Karate parent coach

Shun Shifu Kimball Mar 18, 2016 0 2308

Hey everyone!
Here’s a followup from the video posted earlier this week. I got a ton of feedback from parents about joining the action. I wanted to offer some encouragement to everyone who is thinking about getting on the mat. You don’t have to be a black belt to get out there and hold bags, motivate, encourage, and have a BLAST.

Here’s a few tips on becoming an active karate parent coach:

1. HAVE FUN – Martial arts is fun, and children learn very fast through fun.

2. DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF- Black belts aren’t made in a day. This stuff is difficult! One correction at a time over a few months or years is a great recipe for steady improvement.

3. TAKE CLASSES – Most of you know a ton from watching classes all these years. Try getting out there during the adult classes and testing out what you’ve seen in class (the adults have tons of fun!)

4. JUST DO IT – As Nike says ” just do it”. ( Sometime soon I’ll go into the three main reasons why adults don’t get out on the mat.)

5. KARATE IS MORE THAN KICKING AND PUNCHING (I know I said 4, but this is great stuff) – Kicking, punching, moves, and kata, are the easiest part of martial arts! Effort, determination, dedication, focus, and self-improvement…. This is the essence of martial arts. This is what we are really after.

Spoiler alert
The three main things that hold adults back;

1. Fear of injury
2. Fear of embarrassment
3. Preconceived notions

Mr. Kimball