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Shou Shu Warriors (ages 8 – 12)

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Shou Shu Warriors
10 Oct

Shou Shu Warriors (ages 8 – 12)

Moore's Karate 9th Street Modesto Oct 10, 2015 0 2191

Belt Test at Moore's Karate, 9th Street Modesto CA



Shou Shu warriors promotes focus, confidence, respect, and self defense through age appropriate martial arts techniques. Shou Shu warriors are inspired to be their best as they progress through a belt ranging from white (beginner) to blue (intermediate).

We believe that fighting is not the most important part of martial arts. Shaping A generation of leaders through achievement and excellence is our first priority in the Shou Shu warriors program. Building confidence and moral fiber is a stepping stone for true self defense in our community.