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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An increased level of fitness and strength
  • Improved balance, coordination & flexibility
  • Enhanced power of concentration, self-discipline and self-control
  • A subsequent reduction in stress and its harmful effects on body and mind
  • Perception is greatly increased
  • Positive Reactions in self-defense situations

The martial art you are about to learn requires discipline, alertness and dedication from the student who is learning its techniques. These qualities are particularly important while you are acquiring the skill of basic movements and to become a black belt.

There are 12 belt levels prior to obtaining the coveted black belt. Each color represents a level of knowledge and expertise in the martial arts. The black belt has 8 degrees, each taking 2 ½ to 5 years to obtain.

The minimum level you should try to attain is the high Purple Belt. This is when the art starts to become a reaction. This takes approximately 8 months.

  1. Orange Belt: Upon reaching this level you will have learned some of the basic moves. You will be familiar with the 12 Self-Defense techniques. As you continue to practice them, you will become exceptionally effective in defending yourself.
  2. Purple Belt: The minimum level you should attain is the high purple belt, which takes approximately 8 months. This is when the art starts to become a reaction.
  3. Blue Belt: When you reach the high blue belt level, you will be moving 3-5 times faster than you can now. You will be able to defend yourself against 2-3 people at the same time.
  4. Green Belt: When you reach the green belt level, the training will never leave you. (It’s like riding a bike or swimming.)
  5. Brown Belt: The brown belt is the first level of expert (this takes from 1 1/2 to 3 years).
  6. Black Belt: When you reach the black belt level it will be as if the opponent is in slow motion. You will be able to react without hesitation or uncertainty.
  • DaShifu – The title for the master teachers of a system or style. An 8th degree black belt is required. A teacher of teachers.
  • Shi Gung – The title of a 5th degree or higher
  • Shun Shifu – The title for the schools master and head instructor
  • Shifu – The title for a black belt instructor
  • She’ Hing – The title for a male assistant instructor (A Red Belt)
  • She’ Jie – The title for a female assistant instructor (A Red Belt)